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Training starts for 2013 competition season

TrainingPosted by Wed, January 09, 2013 12:18:54

This was how my last training ended in 2012, since then i have been resting and just been double longed a couple times a week. Has been a great time, but it is fun to start to work some again to. A bit boring when it is cold and rainy and we are not outside as much. Looking forward to 2013 season and our showing at 4 lvl and hopefully St.G in the fall. We will see, i a promised a great retirement when that is done, so i am willing to work hard for it smiley

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Long time since last time

TrainingPosted by Thu, October 04, 2012 12:00:22
So and update. We moved, and i love the new place!!!! We are 8 boys out together, and then it is a couple pastures where the girls are, and some paddocks where the horses not allowed to play is by them selves or they have a friend with them.

The deer was a bit scary first time we saw them all, but when we run they run, so now we leave each other alone, and everyone is happy.

My working schedule has changed a bit, since now i have 2 days with work in double longe, and 1 day of, then 3 days with riding and 1 day of, and those 3 days are 1 day double bridle, 1 day snaffle and 1 day double bridle again. And they feed me tons of food, sometimes i can't even eat it all, but everyone say i am building muscles and need it, so i try.

Working on my working piaffe to really get my hind going. She still wants a bit more.

Uk Basketball is soon gonna start playing, so as you see even i have to be support for the UK team.

My lateral uphill work is also getting better they say, so i guess everyone is happy. I am enjoying my life, and they say i am getting spoiled, but that i don't know if i would agree on, since i think i deserve it all

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TrainingPosted by Mon, August 13, 2012 14:13:13
Holiday and probably last competition 2012
Then we got the bronze medal, and now they say I am not gonna compete this season any more. Maybe a schooling show at 4 lvl, but guess she will tell when it gets close, if it should happen.

I have been visiting with Dr. Dawn and had a great time, was getting spoiled, and finally they said, I gain weight, so now i am getting those muscles they talk about all the time.

We qualified for regionals also this weekend, but sounds like it is all about getting ready for 4 lvl and PSG next year instead. I am fine with that, competing isn't the most fun thing I know, seems like I always use a day or two before I relax when we get to the place where we compete, so I don't think I am gonna miss it.

Feel good about my self, and they say I have become a clown, and are testing limits, pffffttt, I am just showing that I enjoy my life.

So here is pictures from what I guess is my last competition this season, but I will keep blogging a little to keep all updated on how the training for 4 lvl goes.

PSG and 4 lvl here we come for our silver medal!!!!

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TrainingPosted by Tue, June 26, 2012 10:42:26
This weekend we was at Meadow Lakes, not fare from Lexington. Got there very late Friday night, but we was given extra food and hay and we was fine. Strider was the first one out on Saturday, so i hang my head out the window and just looked around for some hours. The judge was not pleased with me the first day, she said my rhythm in walk wasn't clear, but the next day she loved it, so we don't pay much attention to it. Got over 60% in the first test Sunday and over 69% the other test, so we are happy. Here is a link to a video with my training the week before we headed for the competition. Don't have pics from the rides, but this is the ribbons we have got after 2 shows, and yes 2 of the blue one is mine.

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Enjoy life

TrainingPosted by Wed, June 13, 2012 16:04:18
After the training today I was lucky enough to finally be allowed to stay in the big pasture. They say it has been a bit to much sugar in the grass so they gave it to the younger horses, pffffft. But now it was our turn, 4 grown up boys enjoying the hugh room to run, but even more the great food that was everywhere around us. I had to make sure no one was gonna come and bring us in, so i took the time to look up from time to time, but lucky us, we was allowed to stay for a looooong time. Now that we have showed that our stomachs can handle it, they even promise to let us stay out all night. YES!!!!! Can life be any better??????

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One week has gone after first show

TrainingPosted by Tue, June 05, 2012 22:38:27
Back to training again today, oh it has been training but only in a double longe, today it was back to riding. Have been adjusted and had some day off, got massage and stretching, lots of hours outside (even in the rain) but today the holiday was over.

I didn't mind to much, it was a training with lots of transitions, oki i had to work on some pirouettes and some flying changes, but if i collect and move forward enough they are pretty easy for me, just need some more balance and engagement from behind, at least she say so.

But the competition was fun, and the best part was all the walking around looking at everyone else. Was pretty hot, think they said up on the 100, but i was given bath 2 - 3 times a day, and only one class each day, so i did fine.

Next competition will be a little harder, since that a 3 LVL but i think i will do good there to, she say i am gonna be double longed 2 - 3 times a week, to get balanced and collected, hope she knows what she's doing, and since i am getting more muscles on my neck and hind end i guess she is.

So i enjoy being back competing again, and hopefully this summer will bring some good scores.

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Here we go

TrainingPosted by Tue, May 22, 2012 13:56:05
New horse came in last weekend, people come in that want to board here, and everybody have to take a look at me smiley

Feels good that i still got IT, and now i am even gonna show it in the competition ring. They say it is the biggest show Kentucky Dressage Ass. ever have arranged.

We been doing 1.3, 2.3 and 3.3 the last days so i guess i know them as good as anyone else. I mixed up some halts yesterday, wanted the halt to be at X, and she said i had to go on all the way to G, but if i listen i will get it. Just tried to help out smiley

I have showed i can do them good also, so hopefully the judges will like what they see.

Now it is my time with the hairdresser, so guess my mane gonna be pulled. My ears got cleaned the other day, so at least they don't do it all in one day.

Wish me luck from Thursday to Sunday, and an update will come next week.

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Loads of new people and trailriding

TrainingPosted by Tue, May 15, 2012 09:37:24
Off for a new week, and it started pretty interesting. They sure have a lot of animals around this trails. I got to see a running turkey in front of me, and just had to blow my nose to make sure it didn't turn, then barking dogs, i just kept close to the other fence, so i was fine. 3 deers was running in the woods, they was nice, they stayed away, but i had to stop and look at them. Roosters are noisy, not so sure i like them, but then i don't really know if i prefer roosters or peacocks, they have them booth in a house close to the trail.

I enjoyed our trot along the fence close to the road, guess someone would say i had a showoff, and i might, it was fun.

The cows didn't really bother me to much, they was fare away but i still had to look to make sure they didn't get closer.

Then we stopped to get pictures, and it sure looks pretty and peaceful. (when we're away from the noisy birds)

I didn't wanna pass the ditch with a little water in, so we was walking around and stood there for over 20 minutes, then i was walked over and we found a fallen tree and i had a rider again. Don't know if that impressed anyone, but she could have gone off earlier.

This weekend i also had to show off for a coach and some wanted to look. The coached said she was in love, so i bet i made a good impression, the others said i was beautiful and i think they was impressed over how i am able to carry myself.

So now it will be 2 times a day training, good thing is one is riding, one is trail or longline/driving. I enjoyed the trail and i enjoy the driving to, so i will be fine, they never work me more then about 15 minutes anyway. The trails take longer, but thats relaxing and fun, so i think i can manage.

I have days off every 4 day also, so i can look like a mudcake for 24 hours.

Enjoy life, i know i do.

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