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Dressage KY

Horses leaving and coming in.

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Wed, January 09, 2013 11:38:26

Cowgirl is leaving us, after a long time with advertisement and a couple other solutions on make someone enjoy her like they should, someone came in the door and loved her. It only take that one special someone to give a horse a new home.

But we have also got a couple new one come in, a beautiful very well mannered Lippizan stallion,

We also got a nice gaited horse in here, with fancy colours.

This Friday, 11 of January we also will welcome 3 imported horses, that has been arriving in New York and will be here late Friday night. We all are so exited for Bethany's Hope that owns 2 of the horses, and hopefully we will find them a nice match soon, so they can go on to their new homes an owners to become a team to see around on the competitions.

Contador, Edison and Le Blanc is all for sale.

So if anyone is interested in any of this 3 contact us, or take a look at http://www.horses4health.com there you will find some others that is ready to be imported if someone is interested.

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Times fly, and a bunch of scouts

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Thu, November 22, 2012 10:39:22
We are having so much fun, and we are being so blessed to be allowed to work with all this wonderful horses and people. Got 3 new horses in, 4 more on its way and 2 from Denmark. Can't ask for much more smiley

We also had a wonderful Saturday with a lot of boysscouts out to visit. I hope they had a great time, and enjoyed their day. When we got the pictures back, it sure looked like they did.

So this is how that day went smiley

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One month run, when your having fun!

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Thu, October 04, 2012 11:10:52
A lot of new horses has come in, and it is so fun to see a place grow, where everyone is helping everyone, being nice to everyone and no one has problems with rules or " I am better then you " attitude. Everyone here love the HORSE, and that makes it so fun to be a part of.

Even the cats love it smiley

The horses also share their pastures with a lot of deer and turkey.

So fun to work with young horses again. Storm'n' Indian as is a lovely 4 year old Thoroughbred that finally is allowed to enjoy being a horse. Now his owner, Taylor is gonna make a dressage horse of him, and we are so proud to be allowed to be a part of the road there.

Just love to see the change in the young horse, that has lived his life in a bobble, now becoming a great working man.

We are so grateful to be allowed to be a part of all the horses here, they are so different, and have so different needs, but all of them are sweet and gentle. Will get some pictures later this fall and introduce them all.

Macho has to wear his UK tack now, since we are on our way to basketball season again. Looking forward to it!!!! Will be fun to go out in 4 lvl next season and hopefully we can get our silver medal in a few shows smiley

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Things happen fast when you just can't follow rules.

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Sat, September 01, 2012 12:48:23
Then it's time for an update. We have moved!!!!! I got some rules I couldn't follow, because I wasn't allowed to ride after 5 pm or on weekends if the owners of the horses wasn't there, and I was not allowed to ride my own horses after 5 pm or on weekends. So we decided to leave and get a place that fit our needs better. We found a place with a nice indoor, a great outdoor and a 30 stall barn. So here it is, before and after. A lot of work done in one week.

The last picture is from the first day here. The rest is how it looks today, a great nice difference!!!!!

Thank you to all the boarders, friends and family that has helped through out the week, to make it possible.

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A month with holiday and a trip to Norway

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Mon, August 13, 2012 13:48:37
Back with the horses, at the barn for lessons, competition and finally after 3 shows, my bronze medal. Good to be back riding, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss family and friends at home. Went to Majestic for some competition this weekend, and qualified Macho for regional's, ( we are not going) and got the last score for my bronze. So it was a great weekend, even though I probably will turn the other way the next time I see one of the judges up there at another show. It is sad, when the highest score a judge gives is 64% when the others is over 70%, and it is the same rider, same class AND same horse. But that's what this sport is about, opinions from one single judge that either like or hate some things. But it still is a strange feeling coming out with 64%, and you feel oki about your ride, then the day after you feel so much better, happy to pick your score up and the judge put you under 60%. I was wondering if we was at the same arena, but again, the judge see what she see, and we just have to live with it. For so long have I said I am riding for my own feeling, not for the scores, and again I am glad I have that ability. Better scores next time, even though I am not sure if it will be more competing on me this year, my goal was the bronze, and since it is reached, it is time to enjoy and help the girls that want to compete more this season.

Some pictures of the horses this weekend, they were great all 3 of them. Felix is now retired to be a lesson horse, and for the girls to take him eventing and to schooling shows. I bet he will love it.

Strider got a blue ribbon in his 2.3 and I am so pleased that we now will forget about 2 lvl and concentrate on getting him up in 3. He is so much more fun when he has to work with his head, not only go those long distances in training to 2 lvl. Gonna be a fun winter smiley

So when you see us around, come up and spend some time, we will be around.

Macho is going to go into 4 lvl training, and also PSG, time to get my silver next year smiley

So he will also get into a hard training winter, but it is so fun. Wonderful to have goals to reach and looking forward to accomplish.

On our way to next level!!!!!!!

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Competition and new week

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Tue, June 26, 2012 10:31:34
I am so proud of the boys, they are getting better and better and now we are taking Strider of the 1 lvl, to concentrate on 2 and 3. Macho of 2 lvl to concentrate on 3 and 4. Will be a great fall, i enjoy every day of it.

Now it's only a few weeks and our outdoor is done, and we will getting new footing in the covered arena. This will be GREAT!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has given us this opportunity to be on this journey.

Can't wait to go out and show Felix and Pass also, their getting good and it is just a blessing.

Will be alot of things going on this fall, we will try to have a few shows, and next year we even will have a series of competitions with a great trophy for the all over winner. So exiting!!!!!

Have a great summer to you all, here at Equestrian Lakes and DressageKY we sure enjoy our days.

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NewsPosted by dressageky.com Mon, June 18, 2012 16:57:16
A new monday, and this weekend we have competition again. So it has been alot of fun training lately. I wish i could get Felix finished for some competition soon, he is getting better and better, so hopefully this fall he will show off

Making Strider and Macho some freestyle, so that can be fun. Work work but oh so fun.

We are going up to Mastersons to film and then put some music on it, so time to pack horses on trailer and leave.

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A great day

NewsPosted by dressageky.com Wed, June 13, 2012 15:59:18
The boys, Felix, Macho, Pass and Strider, is enjoying being outside now when they are out in the pasture. Tonight all of the horses will be left outside, the weather is great, a little windy and no flies, loads of grass and warm weather. I think i wanna be reborn as a horse here, they sure seem to enjoy their life. Today all the horses worked great, I am looking forward to our next competition the 23 and 24 this month.

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